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The Mudpuppy is listening! Do you have questions about food, registration, prizes, or how best to prepare for race day? Drop us a line here!

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Can we form a team?

There's no better way to enjoy the Mudpuppy Chase than as a team. We also have a special prize for our highest fundraising team! Joining a team is easy once somebody has initially setup a team. This is done during registration. Runners who sign up after the team is created should begin their registration by searching for the team. Once you have found it, use the JOIN TEAM button on the right of the team page.

My shirt doesn't fit. Can I exchange it?

If you find your shirt doesn't fit, we can try to exchange it for you for a different size. Please note that we have limited supplies of shirt sizes and will provide you with a different shirt based on available inventory.

Where can I find details on race day and kit pickup?

Please have a look at our news update on kit pickup to see where to get your race kits. Read more here >

I have children that are part of a school team but I am not sure where to pay for registration?

Students are given a coupon code that will allow them to register with their school. Students must then try to raise a minimum of $35 and there are prizes to be won for top schools and top individual fundraisers. For more information on running the Mudpuppy Chase with your school see our full page of information here >

I registered for a 3k but would like to run the 5k. Can I upgrade?

Way to go ambitious runner! Yes you can upgrade, there is a slight price difference so in order to pay merely make a donation to yourself in the amount of the difference ($15) and contact us to change your distance for you in our registration system. Please drop us a line here >

How do I sign up. I can’t run the race. I can’t even watch. I am not there

Race signup is available on the Mudpuppy web site. However, you will need to pick up your race kit during kit pickup hours or have someone pick up the race kit for you since you are out of town. If you would like to donate to the race there is also a donation link available on our website.

Sign up online here >

What's the easiest way to register my whole family?

When registering, first add your details, then when completing the additional information section, you will see a link to "Add Others." Click this to add as many other runners to your registration as you need.

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