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Mudpuppy Chase Road Race Kit Pickup Instruction and Race Day Info
03 May
Mudpuppy Chase Road Race Kit Pickup Instruction and Race Day Info

Checking Out Our New Buff

New this year, every runner will get a Mudpuppy Chase buff with race registration!

We're so excited to be offering a brand new piece of run clothing for our wonderful Mudpuppy chase runners. Our Mudpuppy Chase buff will keep you warm, keep the sweat at bay, keep that hair in place, and just plain keep you looking stylish all year round!

What Is A Buff?

A Buff is just a tube of lightweight, stretchy material. Because of the stretchiness, their versatility is absolutely amazing. They are useful in so many situations like being thin enough to be worn under a hat or a bicycle helmet or to be worn as a comfortable scarf to seal any gaps around jacket collars. In the summer they can be worn to keep sweat and hair from out of the face or can be dipped in a stream or river to be worm around the neck to keep cool!


How about dressing up your pet to show Mudpuppy Chase pride!


Registration Open Until Race Day Morning

Registration is still open! Use the link below to register your family, team or yourself as an individual and join us for this amazing morning of fun! We'll even get you registered on the morning of the race if you need. 


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